There are a number of critical elements which play key roles in a successful organization, and among them is the staff and the level of dedication shown by each and every member.  We wholeheartedly dedicate this page to our amazing staff, a team of professionals of whom are wholly dedicated to helping our clients turn their lives around.  From our executive director to the physicians, nurses, support teams and administrative staff, the dedication to excellence exists on every level.



Lonnie McCreery - CEO at Valley Detox Center



Meet Lonnie McCreery, CEO at Valley Detox Center.  With over 22 years of active personal sobriety and two decades of experience working within the addiction treatment and behavioral health fields, Lonnie has built a reputation throughout Southern California as a “go-to” person in nearly all aspects relating to substance abuse treatment.  His broad expertise ranges from operations to case management to program directing and beyond.  Lonnie brings the unique element of having worked in a multitude of medical detox, therapeutic community, and treatment center environments, thus enabling valley Detox Center to create customized approaches most suited to treat each client on an individualized basis.

In His Own Words: “I take recovery and living life to the fullest extremely serious and helping others recover from the paralyzing disease of addiction is my passion in life. As a member of the Valley Detox Center team, I have the honor of implementing the life-changing techniques that I have personally developed and witnessed help hundreds of addicts and alcoholics over the years.”

FAVORITE QUOTE: “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow(Ancient Proverb)

Renee Solomon - Staff Psychologist at Valley Detox Center


Clinical Director & Staff Psychologist

Meet Dr. Renee Solomon, PsyD, a well-renowned clinical psychologist within the field of addiction treatment throughout the Los Angeles, California region.  Having built a longstanding private practice in Beverly Hills for over 20 years, Dr. Solomon has worked closely with clients and families within the scope of nearly every possible addiction and/or mental health related matter.  And while her breadth of expertise extends far and wide, her primary areas of specialty include, addiction/substance abuse treatment, relationship issues, trauma & PTSD, anxiety and depression.

As the Clinical Director here at Valley Detox, Dr. Solomon oversees the clinical staff and leads a number of groups, as well providing private one-to-one sessions with clients.  Dr. Solomon’s presence here, without question, raises the bar of quality care.  We are truly honored to have her here as a part of the Valley Detox Center family.

Latoria Tanksley, Medical Assistant at Valley Detox Center


Medical Assistant

Meet Latoria Tanksley, Medical Assistant at Valley Detox Center. Latoria Tanksley, was born in Rochester NY and moved to California in 1999. She has been a Medical Assistant since 2004 and is currently a LVN student at Glendale Career College. Latoria has been affected by her mother’s drug abuse for over 15 years, which is why she wanted to work for Valley Detox Center, as well as gaining hands on experience while in nursing school. Latoria aspires to become a nurse practitioner with a specialty in psychology, working with PTSD patients. She is engaged with 5 kids and 2 cats. Latoria coaches AAU basketball and enjosy going to boxing matches and reading.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you say, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” (Maya Angelou)

Mel Larsen at Valley Detox Center


Licensed Vocational Nurse

Meet Mel Larsen, LVN at Valley Detox Center. Mel was born and raised in San Fernando Valley. Her medical experience includes 15 years at Tarzana Hospital as an LVN in the emergency room, 5 years at Home Health and one year at The Canyon specializing in dual diagnosis rehab. She has seen the devastation that addiction causes in peoples lives strives to give them some hope, inspiration and knowledge for their journey on the road to recovery. Mel is married to a wonderful partner and has two young adult sons, two cats and a dog. She loves travel and experiencing different cultures, camping, hiking, skydiving, scuba diving, spending time with family and friends and being adventurous. Mel believes it is never too late to pursue your dreams and goals even if you start later than anticipated, just start.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “Its good to have an end to journey towards; but its the journey that matters in the end.” (Ursula K. Le Guin)

R Renita Cantor, RADT-I (CCAPP) at Valley Detox Center, San Fernando Valley California



Meet Renita Cantor, RADT-I (CCAPP) at Valley Detox Center. Born in Van Nuys CA, Renita has been clean and sober since February 19, 2001, active in AA, following 30 plus years of active Addiction to Opiates and Cocaine. She currently lives in the designated wilderness of the Angeles National Forest, north of Santa Clarita CA where she enjoys peace, serenity, nature, and her beloved animals. Renita graduated top of her class from ICDC College Addiction Studies program. She has two years of experience in the field of recovery which includes detox, residential, PHP, IOP, OP, and community outreach. Renita is the proud mother of two successful children, Zack, 29 and Karli, 27.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “I have been given a new life which is beyond my wildest imagination…and I have a REALLY wild imagination!”


Meet the Valley Detox Center Staff in Southern California


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