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Life After Addiction Treatment: What Comes Next?

Medical professionals and addiction specialists now recognize addiction as a chronic illness. And like individuals with diabetes and asthma, the goal of treatment is not to cure those with addiction but to stabilize their condition so that they can live full and productive lives while remaining sober. What Is the Definition of Aftercare? The likelihood […]

How Long Does Methadone Stay in Your System?

Methadone is a medication used to help treat chronic pain as well as to help individuals coming off drugs such as heroin. In some cases, it can become addictive, but when used correctly it can reduce the chance of death from overdosing on heroin. Methadone stays in your system for quite a while, which can […]

How Long Does Heroin Last in the Body?

Heroin addiction does not only affect the individual using the drug, but also affects their loved ones, their friends, family, children, jobs, neighbors, community, and even society. Heroin is so heavily addictive because it releases dopamine in the brain causing a big rush of euphoria and then later, feelings of sleepiness that last for hours. […]

A Complete Guide on Drug Intervention Programs

Interventions have become associated with all thing’s addiction in public culture. Reality TV shows featuring obsessive hoarders, out of control teenagers and drug addicted family members. Usually these shows, and the families involved will enlist the help of addiction experts: psychologists, counselors and the like. These intervention teams can do a lot to boost perceptions […]

What Happens When You Mix Cocaine and Xanax?

Combining an upper like cocaine, and a downer like Xanax, gives off powerful effects that act as a push and pull or a high and low. These drugs in combination make you much more likely to develop-tolerance, dependence, and addiction while also being extremely addictive taken on their own.  Continued abuse of Cocaine and Xanax […]